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VEL EVSE tester

Our EVSE (Electric vehicle supply equipment) is a valuable tool for any electrician who are setting up or testing electronic vehicle charges. It is a compact and easy to use tool that help you identify any faults during set up of the charging stations. 

The tool can be used on all type 2 charging stations connections, both those with a fixed cable and with socket. It can simulate a car's behavior, as well as verify that the charging station stops charging if an error occurs.

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There are 4mm banana plugs on all 3 phases, as well as neutral and PE so you can check voltages with a multimeter.


Three red LED lights easily indicate whether there is voltage on L1, L2 and L3 when charging is in progress.


The light indicates voltage between phase and neutral. There are two slide switches on the device to simulate the functions of an electric car, these are:

  • 32A

  • 20A

  • 13A


A – Not connected 

B – Connected, ready  to start

C – Tilkoblet, charging in progress


PP: Value of resistance in the charging cable that tells the charging station how strong the power the cable is intended for.


STATE: Selects the level of the CP signal to tell the charging station which mode the car is in.

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Very useful and easy to use!



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