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VEL Subsea

Spool Camera

The VEL Subsea Inspection Camera is designed to be used for underwater inspections using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).


The camera is waterproof down to 100m below sea level and offers high resolution images. 

Spool snippet.JPG

The camera is supplied with:

  • A fiber glas cable (60m)

  • A motorised cable reel

  • A control unit delivered in a transportation box

The camera system is available with various cameras, depending on your requirement. 

  • Pan/tilt 50 mm with LED lighting

  • Inspection camera 52 mm with LED lighting

  • Inspection camera 30 mm with LED lighting

  • Inspection camera 22 mm with LED lighting

All cameras are fitted wih high resolution cameras and LED lighting to ensure excellent visibility. 

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